BHBL enewsletter 2019.04 — Remedies for Eczema (電子月刊英文版)

Remedies for Eczema

The weather now is on and off humid or very dry that makes skin problem a hot topic. Some people will even encounter their eczema outbreaks. Eczema is an allergic skin problem that can cause dry skin, peeling and redness. There are many causes of eczema especially when the body is in poor condition, such as stress, poor sleep quality, physical fatigue, gastrointestinal problems caused by unbalanced diet. Also, some reasons are undesirable weather, and endocrine imbalance.

Diet management is always a very important way to cope with eczema. For example, people with eczema should avoid eating food and drinks with dairy products; eat more vegetables and drink plenty of water; drink less coffee, strong tea or liquor, etc.; they should also eat less spicy food and processed foods such as luncheons meat, sausage or ham.

Overall speaking, people with eczema should also:

(1) Improve your immunity and gastrointestinal digestion. Try taking probiotics to make your intestines healthy, and drink more water to excrete toxins from your body.

(2) Avoid cleaning detergent that contain toxic and use natural cleaners with natural ingredients.

(3) Sleep well, make yourself happy, be less stressed.

(4) Not to take a bath with too hot water, as this will wash away the oil on the skin. After bathing, apply a moisturizing lotion to make the skin no longer dry.

(5) Find the source of allergens, you can then avoid the chance of eczema outbreaks, be it due to food, clothing materials or the environment (such as dust mites, irritating chemical cleaners).

(6) Consider using essential oils to support problems regarding eczema.

Essential oil recommendations:

(A) Lavender + Chamomile

(B) Lavender + Helichrysum

(C) Lavender + Geranium

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