BHBL enewsletter 2020.10 — Kick stress and negative emotions away (電子月刊英文版)

Kick stress and negative emotions away

Introduction to Gary’s Great Day Protocol

A lot of people are just aware of their physical health, but in fact, the ultimate health approach is not to ignore the spiritual needs. Many physical problems stem from stress. Stress affects hormones, and hormones can contribute to aging. The condition of your body system or skin will also be affected due to stress. Negative emotions bring harm to the body and directly affect all organs of the body.

Don’t miss the tools you have, essential oils are very powerful and can deal with emotional problems. Normally, everyone may only think that essential oils can deal with physical problems. In fact, essential oils support us spiritually. The most powerful role of essential oils is to deal with emotional problems. It makes people change from negative to positive, optimistic and happy. Positive thinking can make one’s wish come true.

Diffusing essential oils can always create the surrounding environment a positive energy, uplifting and welcoming feelings. 

Seize the Day with Gary’s Great Day Protocol

Have you ever woken up feeling unstoppable and ready to seize the day? Perhaps you know someone who radiates this energy and confidence at the crack of dawn. Whether you’re a morning person or not, there’s no denying that the first moments set the mood for the rest of the day. Get to know Gary’s Protocol Today!

Incorporating essential oils into your morning routine can amplify your intentions and enhance your feelings of confidence so you can start your day from a place of strength. Layering and blending specific oils in distinct ways can help cultivate the right mindset to manifest your goals.


Step 1: Blend V, which brings you courage

Place 1 drop of Blend V on the inside of your left wrist. Place left wrist over the inside of your right wrist so that the insides of both wrists are touching and hold together for a moment. Focus your mind on balancing, holding your wrists in place. The powerful combination of ingredients in Blend V delivers strengthening and refreshing qualities, supporting feelings of courage and self-esteem.

Betty’s tips: Remember to stand upright or sit upright. This helps achieve the effect of balance.

Step 2: Blend H, which brings you harmony

Place 1 drop of Blend H above your belly button (Solar Plexus Chakra) to promote positive feelings, calming down your mind.

This spiritual and emotional blend is balancing and calming, and may help reduce occasional everyday stress and discord, by creating harmonic balance in the mind, spirit and body.

Betty’s tips: Don’t waste any excess oil. You can rub it on the upper body (Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, etc.) to the top of the head (Crown Chakra).

Step 3: Blend J, which brings you joy

Place 1 drop of Blend J above your heart to bring about feelings of happiness to your mind and body. Create a joyful and happy aromatic experience with this uplifting blend of pure essential oils such as Rose, Jasmine, Tangerine, Bergamot and others.

Betty’s tips: Just try to think of happy occasions when applying. If you come up with something sad, try to remind yourself to let go.

Step 4: Blend WA, which acts like an angel to protect you

Place 1 drop of Blend WA in your palms and rub together. Lightly brush hands over your head, face, shoulders and body to uplift your spirits and protect your energies. Lovingly harvested from plants native to exotic destinations around the world, the 10 essential oils in Blend WA come together to create a one-of-a-kind blend that inspires a positive atmosphere and feelings of security and optimism.

Betty’s tips: Think of a virtual protection cover on you when applying.

Obstacles and challenges are inevitable as you go after your dreams, but it’s important to remember that you have the power to make huge changes in your life. And those changes all begin with establishing an uplifting morning routine to start each day with positivity!

Betty’s tips: Be calm and quiet when in use of the essential oils. Use a roller fitment for easy application. Remember to drink a lot of water! 

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