BHBL enewsletter 2020.11 — The Power of Biblical Oils (電子月刊英文版)

The Power of Biblical Oils

Respiratory system, skin and brain

The well-known sacred oils are a combination recommended according to the Bible, including 10 kinds of the most effective plants mentioned in the Ancient Scripture. The combination is characterized by the fresh fragrance of myrtle and cedarwood, as well as the rich fragrance of frankincense and myrrh, bringing people to enjoy and appreciate the intriguing history of these precious pure essential oils.

In the Bible, essential oil was sacred. It was a way for people to connect with God and helped their soul meet. It is recommended the users to communicate with their soul during application. In the old time of Jesus Christ, essential oils were used for health care. More than two thousand years ago, frankincense and myrrh were even “sacred gifts” for the birth of Jesus. We now can use the oils to relieve anxiety, arthritis, asthma, respiratory infections, parasites, throat problems, etc…

Just 1-3 times a week, half an hour before going to bed, you can apply the 10 essential oils, in sequence, around the temples to the ears (dilute with base oil as needed, for example, dilution ratio as 1:5 to 1:10 for children) or massage the big toes (brain reflex area) or rub the feet bottom. Wait for a few seconds after applying one essential oil, and then apply another for better results. Add a pump of base oil as you wish for dilution at the end. The use of essential oils is a supplement for the body to heal by itself but not for medical treatment.

The 10 most effective plants mentioned in the Bible include:

1. Hyssop: The mentioning of this plant in the Bible indicates that it was likely to be used in customs or rituals of purification. [Psalm 51:7]

Function⚙: Regulates the circulatory system and supports the health of joints, bronchial tubes and respiratory system. It helps clear the lungs, strengthens the lungs, and makes the mucus flow smoothly. It is also helpful for the digestive system, relieves stomach discomfort, flatulence, and helps restore appetite. Improves parasites.

Mind 💗: Clears the mind and help focus. Relieves anxiety and helps revitalize the soul.

2. Myrtle: Myrtle branches used in the ceremony. [Nehemiah 8:15]

Function ⚙: Gentle in nature, supports the health of the respiratory system and chest, with a slight calming effect, suitable for evening use. Adjusts body fluid circulation.

Mind💗: Helps control and release anger and frustration.

3. Myrrh: One of the key ingredients in the holy oil of Moses, Myrrh is highly valued by biblical figures such as David and Solomon. 【Proverbs 7:17】

Function⚙: Calming, supports the immune system, supports breast and prostate health. It also help activate skin cells. Improve parasites.

Mind💗: Used for emotional release, supporting the nervous system in a gentle and calm way. Brings profound tranquility and peace.

4. Cypress: This oil is extracted from cypress trees. The wood of cypress trees is very durable. Even after 1200, the cypress door of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome shows no signs of decay. 【Isaiah 44:14】

Function⚙: Improves edema, relieves oily and sweaty skin, and regulates fluid circulation. Promotes blood circulation, and supports nerves and intestines. Supports the trachea and helps the air flow smoothly. The menstrual cycle can also be regulated.

Mind💗: Helps convey the feeling of unity and stability. Relieves anger, irritability and stress, mentally helps inner chaos and during transition period.

5. Onycha: Made of resin, it is an ingredient of the “pure and holy” perfume that the Lord ordered Moses to make. 【Exodus 30:34】

Function⚙: Supports the health of sinuses, bronchus and respiratory system. Supports the urinary system, promotes circulation, and eliminates liquid waste from the body. It also has a soothing effect on the stomach, eliminates flatulence, and strengthens the pancreas to help digestion. Balances blood sugar levels. It also supports skin health and restores skin elasticity.

Mind💗: To relieve sadness, loneliness, depression and frustration.

6. Cedarwood: The “Cedar of Lebanon” is known for its durability and was used to build Solomon’s famous temple. [1 Kings 4:33]

Function⚙: Supports the health of the skin and scalp. Helps improve blood circulation, supports joints and respiratory system. It is also very useful for the reproductive and urinary system. It also supports the immune and lymphatic system. It has deworming effect.

Mind💗: Helps relieve tension and stress, enhances deep sleep and emotional release.

7. Aloes / Sandalwood: Aloe is a gift from Nicodemus to Jesus. 【John 19:39】

Function⚙: It calms the chest and lungs, and supports the bronchus and respiratory system. It is also extremely helpful to the urinary system. Supports aging and dehydrated skin.

Mind💗: Creates space for body, mind and spirit, providing tranquility and calming effect.

8. Rose of Sharon / Cistus: The sweet honey scent of this rock rose, a flower called Rose of Sharon. 【Solomon Song 2:1】

Function⚙: Helps cell regeneration. Supports bronchial, respiratory system and lung health. Makes skin tighten, lift and regenerate.

Mind💗: Calms down from nervous tension and enhances emotions.

9. Frankincense: Hebrew frankincense, Levonah used 22 times in the Bible, is one of the most recognized materials in the Bible. 【Solomon Song 3:6】

Function⚙: Boosts the immune system, supports the lungs, bronchus and respiratory system. It also supports urinary and reproductive system health. It is also effective in supporting eye health and skin beauty.

Mind💗: It has the ability to relax and restore vitality, helps support nervous tension. Its fragrance enhances spiritual awareness and promotes meditation.

10. Cassia: It is the key ingredient of incense for temple worship. 【Psalm 45:8】

🔥Caution, pay attention to the amount of use due to its stimulating nature 🔥

Function⚙: Supports digestion and gastrointestinal health. Boosts the immune system and enhances resistance. Relieves poor circulation and supports joint health.

Mind 💗: Brings a feeling of joy.

For Respiratory and Immune System Support

The biblical oils nourish and improv trachea.

*Hyssop- relaxes the trachea       

*Cedarwood- helps discharge secretions, calms the mind, at low price

*Myrtle- cleans up the wastes from the lungs, suitable for children with its mild nature

*Myrrh- moisturizes and minimizes the waste in the trachea,

*Cistus -repairs and boosts the immune system

*Cinnamon- supports the immune system

*Cypress- drains the secretions, repairs body edema and microfilament vasodilation, supports circulatory system, calms the mind

*Onycha# – a repairing type of essential oil, repairing trachea, repairing cells, calming and relaxing

*Frankincense#- boosts the immune system, supports the lungs, bronchi and respiratory system

* Sandalwood #- It also has a repairing effect, nourishes the cells and makes the trachea smooth, supports the upper respiratory tract and trachea. It also supports the mood, which makes you very calm.

# The three essential oils have a synergistic effect when they are used together in replenishing the trachea, expelling waste, and supporting the lungs and upper respiratory tract. You may put one drop of each together with the base oil to massage the spine before bed.

For skin care

*Myrtle / Hyssop / Cassia are NOT suitable for skin care purposes. Other biblical oils perform skin care effects.

It is recommended to dilute the essential oil to 1-2% (1% for sensitive skin) when they are used on the face.

*Sandalwood- has the good reputationas natural botox, tightens, lifts and repairs the skin, the fragrance is relaxing

Together with frankincense, they have a very healing effect. It is recommended to add to your serum/day cream (for oily skin) or base oil (for dry skin). Adding essential oils to skin care products also brings you to a good sleep. Sleeping well gives you good mood and your skin will surely be better.

*Onycha- protects the skin and reduces inflammation, one dot of oil can be put on your small grains on the face, you will see the effect very soon (or you can try frankincense)

*Myrrh and Frankincense- nourishes dry and cracked skin

*Myrrh and Cedarwood- for cell nutrition

*Cedarwood and Cypress- oil absorption, it is recommended to be added to floral water or aloe vera gel to balance the oily face. Cypress supports the circulatory system. After massage, it helps the body to remove waste from the lymphatic system

*Cistus-Tightens the skin and reduces pustules

For Brain Development/Awakening

The biblical oils are extremely helpful for brain development, supports the whole-body nervous system, balances the system and make the body healthy. It also gives more nutrients to the body, so that children’s brain cells develop better. Hopefully smarter kids achieve better results.

*Frankincense- repairs cells, nourishes brain cells and supports the circulatory system

*Sandalwood- repairs cells and helps memory

Frankincense and sandalwood for diffuse- helps enhance memory during exams, and improves brain development

*Cedarwood- brings nutrients to the brain and cells, affordable price

Many shampoos or sleep formulas contain cedarwood essential oil that gives nutrients to the brain and helps deep sleep

Good sleep gives better brain. Cedarwood also makes you calm, grounded and quiet. It also helps avoid your impulse.

* Onycha- it has a calming effect. It repairs cells, supports inflammation, and also supports the immune system

*Cypress- supports the circulatory system and promotes the sending of nutrients to all parts of the body and even to the brain

To turn short-term memories into long-term memories, sufficient quality sleep in nourishing the brain is very crucial. Enough exercise and water consumption helps detoxify the body well. Healthy circulatory system relaxes the nerves. It is also recommended to take probiotics and Omega 3 to improve intestinal health, and hence improve brain function and immune system.

When all aspects are balanced, memory and brain development as well as the skin will be better. Better health gives better life.

Source:Gretchen King-Ann and Fiona Lui

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