BHBL enewsletter 2021.01 – A Wise Choice for Skincare (電子月刊英文版)

A Wise Choice for Skincare

Do you know the hidden chemicals in skincare products? It is very common that skincare products are added with floral fragrance, but do you know what artificial ingredients are added to your daily skincare products? Studies have shown that harmful chemicals absorbed by our bodies per year is approximately 2.25 kg, through our skin or lips. Women tend to use more skincare products and makeup so they absorb more chemicals than men.

There are 12 most common synthetic chemicals in various skincare products and cosmetics. They affect body hormones, trachea, skin, and even the brain. Using them for a substantial period of time may even give chance to chronic diseases or cancer.

Your call in choosing the right products

In Hong Kong, it is humid in summer and very dry in winter. The air pollution is serious while air-conditioning or heating are often turned on during hot or cold weather. These will damage our skin. Environmental factors contribute to free radicals on our skin, damage DNA, and accelerate skin aging. Moreover, these factors can lead to the formation of melanin, causing uneven skin and even spots. The skin problems that Asians are most concerned about are pigment spots, skin radiance and moisture, as well as skin sensitivity.

Among those countless artificially added chemical ingredients behind gorgeous packaging skincare products, what is our wise choice? It is not uncommon to see advertisement about skin whitening. Is the whitened skin necessarily beautiful? As a matter of fact, a bright face is more attractive. An elastic and hydrated bright face is everyone’s wish.

A promise to safe, non-toxic and pure natural products

The essential oil company launched a project to improve the skin of users. This project has been developed and gone over a lot of studies for two years. The focus of the project is to research and develop the skincare needs of Asians. It revolves around three major cores, which are, the promise of seed to seal (farm to factory), activating the skin and making the skin naturally shiny through using the products. Differentiating from the other skincare products in the market, the company’s products are developed according to the EWG scores, representing that the ingredients are very safe. In addition, the series has unique formulas, such as precious essential oil ingredients and a variety of herbal ingredients, as well as selected ingredients from the sea.

Without chemical ingredients, these ingredients still give the skin a natural glow. Some people have a comment that European skin products are usually thicker and too moisturized. This series of skincare products is designed for Asian skin. The focus is on balancing the of skin- making it not too oily but still moisturized.

Essential oil formula

The plant extract brightening skincare series has launched its product line: cleanser, essence and lotion. The essential oil ingredients in the series include Vetiver, Blue Cypress, Davana, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Clove, Jasmine, Carrot Seed, Spearmint, Geranium and Frankincense.

These essential oils have different power to repair, brighten, moisturize and cleanse the skin. A bottle of skincare products contains the above precious essential oils, and they are pure, natural, safe and non-toxic, which makes people hassle-free.

Brightening formula

The series also contains Mica in the ingredients, which helps improve skin radiance and moisturize the skin. There is also Pili Pulp Oil from its self-owned farm in the Philippines.  A variety of herbal ingredients, including Madonna Lily, Licorice Root Extract and Frangipani are also found in the series. They all protect skin and give brighter skin tone and lighten spots while blocking ultraviolet rays. There are also essences from the ocean: Red Algae and sea water from the lake under Atlantic Island – this represents the series is rich in minerals, helps reduce aging, promotes even skin tone and enhances radiance.

You can also tailor-made your most suitable skincare products by adding essential oils to the essence or lotion.


*Please note that the skincare products in the market may contain artificial ingredients and chemical substances. If pure essential oils are added to skincare products with synthetic chemicals, adverse reactions may occur.

**Please pay special attention to the dilution ratio especially when the oil is to be used on your face. (Recommended dilution ratio: 1-2%)

Act in concert with Collagen drinks

The internal factors that affect the condition of our skin are natural aging, hormonal changes and nutritional imbalances. Apart from the skin care products, we should improve our condition internally. Our bodies begin to produce less collagen when we are around the age of 30 and decelerates in our 40s. We will have sign of aging, like appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin, loss of radiance, loss of firmness and elasticity. We should provide ourself right nutrition in time

Besides, lifestyle and habits can contribute to collagen loss, such as sugar intake, exposure to UV and tobacco usage, that we have to avoid. Other than that, we may consider some collagen drinks intake, in addition to taking Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Copper, and Zinc, etc.

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