BHBL enewsletter 2021.03 – Pillars of Health (電子月刊英文版)

Pillars of Health

We always emphasize the importance of “The Pillars of Health” in order to be healthy. However, what exactly are the pillars? An ordinary table is supported by four legs to achieve balance. In fact, this is a metaphor for our body: to achieve a balanced state, there must be four pillars to support it.

Build your “table” of health with four strong legs. Everyone should start with 4 core supplements. The first pillar is high antioxidants; the second pillar is for heart and brain health; the third pillar is for intestinal health; and the fourth pillar is for the support of the digestive system. Last but not least, you have to put vitamins and minerals on the countertop. This is a traditional nutrition concept.

1. High antioxidant

2. Omega-3 / CoQ10

3. Probiotics

4. Digestive enzyme

First Pillar – High Antioxidants

Why does the body need high antioxidants, and why it is the first point to explain? High antioxidants are against free radicals. About ten years ago, it was told that our body produces free radicals by itself. Pollution, stress, and food all produce free radicals, which make the body prone to aging or chronic diseases. These are all related to free radicals. Dr. Olivier Wenker, the former director of MD Anderson Cancer Centre, explained a few years ago. He told a metaphor that free radicals were like an affair occurring in a relationship. Nobody wants a third party to be interspersed in any situation. Yet, high-antioxidant foods can eliminate free radicals.

Dr. Olivier Wenker recommended consuming a 750ml high-antioxidant fruit juice every week. Ningxia wolfberry juice is the best choice. Drinking four bottles a month is equivalent to giving yourself a car with four wheels. Drinking for half a year can make the body go wherever it wants, and let the body have the ability to move freely. If money is a big concern, try to drink two bottles a month, which is like pedaling a bicycle for yourself to fulfill your basic needs. This makes your life better, but of course, four-wheelers must go farther than bicycles.

Ningxia wolfberry juice is beneficial for eye health and cardiovascular health. In addition to these, it supports the brain and also supports eleven systems of the body. Dr. Wenker suggested that when we want our body to be balanced, this is the nutritional product we need the most, the Ningxia wolfberry juice. It should be the juice with the highest antioxidants in the market.

Second Pillar – Omega-3 and Co Q-10

The second pillar is supporting heart and brain health.

What organ is the most important? Some people say that it is the liver, because the liver is used to detoxify, and it will be very troublesome if something happens to the liver. Some people say that it is the kidney, which is also an important detox device. In Western medicine, if the kidney is damaged, there is no chance of reversal. Or, do you think the brain and heart are the most important? If the brainstem dies, people will die; the heart is equally important, if the heart is stopped without first aid, people will die.

Omega-3 and Co Q-10 support brain health, heart health and blood vessel health. Moreover, the nutritional products for the heart and the brain are the same, which means that if you take the nutritional products for the heart, it also supports the health of the brain. You do not need to deliberately separate them. High-quality nutritional products support both the brain and the heart.

Third Pillar – Probiotics

The third pillar is for intestinal health.

And as long as you are breathing, your body is taking the toxins around you every day. If you are a person who is prone to anger, you are like creating more toxins for yourself. In terms of food, food from unknown source of production, food preservatives, barbecued foods, additives, pesticides on vegetables (as long as it is not from organic farming, it is equivalent to eating a lot of pesticides), they all contain toxins. Therefore, it is very important to detoxify the body.

Some say that our second brain is the intestines. We often compare the intestines to pits. The pits are really a dirty place. If people do not pay attention to the health of their intestines, their intestines should be smellier than the pits.

Why is intestinal health so important? Except some people say that it is the second brain, in naturopathology, every position of it is a reflection area. Any area has problem will affect the reflection part, and there will be an imbalance. There are many examples about solving the imbalance of the intestines makes the body more balanced.

Colon cleansing

Try salt and water for colon cleansing. Take 14 grams of organic sea salt and 2 liters of distilled water when you wake up, and drink up within an hour. This method can be used occasionally and does not need to be used every day. It depends on whether the intestines are clean or not, and then you can decide the frequency. At the beginning, once a week, then once every month, then once every three months and so on. But if you are a person who eats very lightly, you don’t need to clean your colon so frequently.

Under what circumstances do you need to cleanse the colon?

Whenever there are any imbalances in your body, such as skin problems, emotional problems, poor memory, bloating, anything that affects your quality of life, you can try the colon cleansing or try some nutritional products that can help intestinal peristalsis and ease your defecation. After you are able to expel feces with a frequency of two to three times a day, you can add some fiber to clean the intestines. Adequate water, fiber and peristalsis helps bowel movements. It means that you also need to do some exercise.

After solving the imbalance of the intestinal system, your body will be more balanced. When you clear the first layer of the excreta reserved in the bowel, you can add yourself some probiotics to make the intestinal ecological environment balanced and proportionate. Both types of live bacteria and dead bacteria are available in the market, and it is recommended to choose live bacteria. Last but not least, most importantly you have to drink plenty of water. If you are not drinking water, any supplements you take are useless.

Fourth Pillar – Digestive Enzyme

The fourth pillar is aimed at balancing the digestive system.

Human beings need energy to survive and live. The energy comes from the sun, and the sun provides energy for our food and nutrients. When we have food to make our body work. We then have energy that enables us to move and do what our body functions to do. When we get older, the digestive enzymes in the body will plummet, and the digestive ability will become worse. Such will happen to women when they reach the age of 35. Consider supplementing digestive enzymes when your body has bloating, indigestion, acid reflux and gastrointestinal problems. That also can help to your weight management.

On The Table – Minerals and Vitamins

In terms of traditional nutrition concept, the most important supplement for the human body is vitamin. We must supplement vitamins and minerals every day. This is the most basic.

In previous years, supplementing vitamins and minerals was enough to replenish those in the body. However, our environment is now polluted, food is processed or many synthetic chemicals have been added. Many foods are not natural and pure that lead to health problems. It is not adequate to only take these two supplements now as the complex environment makes the body prone to diseases. In the past few decades of natural therapy, if there is an imbalance of minerals in the body, it allows serious diseases to take advantage of. Therefore, we need to supplement basic essential minerals and vitamins, also the other suggestions in the “table” of health.

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