BHBL enewsletter 2021.04 – Balancing Our Body Systems (電子月刊英文版)

Balancing Our Body Systems

The theory of essential oils is very simple. It is not like Western medicine that requires symptomatic names, disease names, or medical names to prescribe the right medicine. Essential oils (Naturopathy) are used to achieve balance. All things need to be balanced. For example, a certain essential oil can support a certain system or organ, so we must clearly understand the eleven systems of our body, namely the integumentary, muscular, skeletal, nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, urinary and reproductive system.

In addition, the Chinese saying tells that a person’s happiness comes from being able to eat, walk, run, sleep, and defecate, which is also closely related to the eleven body systems.

Able to walk: It relates to the bones, muscles, nervous system, etc.

Able to run: It relates to the heart and lungs. It is also about the breathing, circulatory system, muscles, bones, nervous system, etc.

Able to eat: It relates to the digestion and endocrine system.

Able to sleep: Basically, it relates to all systems. Sleep is very important for a person’s repair. We must have good quality sleep to let the body to repair and balance. During your sleep, every organ is repairing itself so that the organ system can perform well.

Able to defecate: Defecation is equal to detoxification. As long as you are breathing, your body is taking in the toxins around you every day. If you are a person who is prone to anger, you are just like creating more toxins for yourself. In terms of food, if the food source is unclear, food containing preservatives, barbecued food, additives, pesticides on vegetables (as long as it is not from organic farming, it is equivalent to you are eating a lot of pesticides), these are all toxins.

In Naturopathy, a healthy person will defecate after every meal. If you fail to defecate after every meal, it is considered to be constipation. If you defecate twice at three meals a day, it is considered mild constipation; if you defecate once a day, it is considered severe constipation. If you defecate once in every two days, toxins in your body is very serious.

Make your body balanced

If you want to keep your body healthy and not out of balance, you must have enough and good quality sleep. In addition, to detoxify your body, you must follow the above indicator: you defecate after every meal, otherwise your body will be out of balance.

As long as we feel that a certain system is out of balance, we can use corresponding essential oils to support it. If you think it is a problem with a certain organ, there are some essential oils that are specifically targeted at a certain organ. You do not need to know the name of the disease in using essential oils. You only need to know which system or organ is out of balance, and then we use the relevant essential oils to balance it.

You should understand the eleven systems of your body. The following examples are some suggestions:

For example, you cannot run well and your breathing is not good, this relates to respiratory problems; we can try to use essential oils for the respiratory system. The Eucalyptus Blend and Peppermint (not suitable for babies under 18 months) in the essential oil starter kit are supporting the respiratory system. In addition to the kit, you can try the single essential oils like Eucalyptus, Myrrh or Myrtle. If there is a problem with the respiratory system, you can smell the oil with your nose or apply it on your chest. If there is no improvement after applying it two or three times, try another essential oil that supports the respiratory system, or apply it more frequently. If there is still no improvement, you can apply some essential oils that support hormones, as hormones affect the condition of the body system. Men can try single oil Idaho Blue Spruce or even a blended oil with Idaho Blue Spruce, which is specially formulated to men; women can choose floral essential oils, which are very effective in balancing hormones.

Your starter kit helps

How can your essential oils on hand help yourself? If you have a starter kit, let make it basic and simple:

A blended oil for Stress – It supports stress symptoms. It works well with adequate sleep, enough water consumption and healthy bowel movements.

A blended oil for Digestion – If you have abnormal bowel movements, , put one drop on the belly button, and then massage clockwise to make yourself defecate as soon as possible.

Frankincense – It can open your heart and release negative energy. The effect of meditation is very good. Meditation can calm one’s mood and relieve stress.

Do you know the difference between Frankincense and Sacred Frankincense? The Frankincense essential oil in the set comes from Yemen, and the species is called Boswellia carterii. It is different from Sacred Frankincense, which is from Oman and the species is called Boswellia sacra. The most famous Frankincense essential oil in the world comes from Oman, but Oman only exports Frankincense essential oil to one top essential oil company. Oman has a lot of domestic demand for Frankincense essential oil, and it announced that it will not export Frankincense to other countries. However, this top essential oil company has invested more than ten years to improve the lives of the people of this country. Finally, it impressed the Oman government and let the Oman government provide Frankincense essential oil to this top essential oil company.

Frankincense essential oil has a strong chemical composition, so it is very suitable for many imbalances. It is excellent for meditation and anti-cancer.

Lavender – It relieves stress. It calms, soothes and relaxes under tension; using high doses of Lavender essential oil can let you invigorate and refresh.

Peppermint – It is refreshing. You can use Peppermint oil to improve depression, lack of energy and disappointment in your body.

Lemon -suitable for all ages, the other Citrus Blend in the set has the same effect as Lemon essential oil.

Orange – It gives a good night of sleep. Cedarwood and Orange/ Lavender and Orange are good combinations.

Copaiba – It relieves tension. For people who are sensitive to smell, this essential oil is their entry choice. Basically, it has no taste/smell, and it is difficult to smell it. Therefore, it is very suitable for children or new users. This essential oil can deal with strong negative mental status (chakra obstruction, constipation). For some people who do not like and fragrant smell, Copaiba can be the first essential oil that can help them.

Finally, new users should avoid using more than three single essential oils altogether at a time. It is better to use at most one single plus one blended oil at a time, so that you can feel the different reactions of each essential oil to yourself.

Our Body Systems

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