BHBL enewsletter 2021.06 – Father’s Day gift idea: An air of masculinity (電子月刊英文版)

Father’s Day gift idea: An air of masculinity

If you think essential oils are just for women, you are probably missing the chance to let your husband, dad or grandpa indulge in the air of masculinity. Have you found bottles of Cedarwood and Northern Lights Black Spruce strangely missing from your collection at home? Tell the man there’s no shame in using essential oils. In fact, there are many ways they can be diffused to speak to his manly sensibilities. The below oil suggestion for diffusers can be some gift ideas for the Father’s Day.

The following blends are based on 12 drops per diffuser, but they should be modified based on your individual diffuser drop suggestions.

3 P.M. Pick-me-up

No need for an energy drink! Get your guy a diffuser and have him start diffusing the energizing aroma of this blend during the post-lunch lull. Maybe the whole office will feel the boost and benefits of this get-going blend.

  • 4 drops Peppermint – to aromatically inspire a sense of concentration
  • 6 drops Orange – for a bright, energizing aroma
  • 2 drops Idaho Grand Fir – for a scent that enhances calming and grounding

Commute Conqueror

Rush hour traffic can turn anyone’s day south. This manly blend will help keep his eyes on the road, while making road rage the last thing on his mind. When used with a USB Diffuser, this on-the-go blend can help make his commute a little time to unwind.

  • 6 drops Lime – for a cheerful and relaxing aroma
  • 2 drops Eucalyptus Radiata – for a scent that inspires energy
  • 4 drops Copaiba/Cedarwood – to help create a grounding environment

Man Cave Master

The odor that used to emanate from his man cave might have had a hint of “no girls allowed,” but for all the wrong reasons. This blend of essential oils is uplifting enough that you’ll enjoy smelling it throughout the whole house and masculine enough that your guy will be diffusing it himself!

  • 3 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce – for an invigorating aroma
  • 6 drops Bergamot – to help create an uplifting environment
  • 3 drops Wintergreen – for a stimulating scent

Workshop Warrior

He loves working with his hands and could spend the whole day tinkering with his tools. Help him get all the benefits of being where he loves by diffusing essential oils that enhance the space.

  • 4 drops of blended oil with the combination of Ravintsara, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon, Peppermint, and Wintergreen – to create an environment of clarity
  • 6 drops Tangerine – for a bright and refreshing scent
  • 2 drops Idaho Blue Spruce – to provide a woodsy scent

Let’s share this special Father’s Day gift for every type of dad on your list: new dad, grandpa, husband, and more.

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