BHBL enewsletter 2021.08 – A new fit lifestyle by the Olympic gold medalist (電子月刊英文版)

A new fit lifestyle – by the gold medalist

The hottest topic in this month all over the world must be the Olympic Games. Do you know some of the Olympic athletes also use essential oils? Many athletes will make full use of natural products to boost themselves up and fight in their best condition. Even the Olympic Gold Medalist, for example, Bryan Clay, has been using oils for years.

Bryan Clay won the gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in the decathlon. He came to the essential oil world the way so many husbands do…after finally trying an oil his wife recommended and being amazed by the results! From a small town on the Island of Oahu to the World Stage, Bryan Clay reached the top of the Olympic podium against all odds. He is now always telling his experience by switching from the over-the-counter substances such as pain-killers— to nature’s original healer…plants. 

At first, he was very reluctant and not believe in using any essential oils that he even did not let his wife touch him with them. This reaction is actually very logical for an Olympic athlete. They are always needed to be tested randomly by the various agencies that they have to be very careful. They need to be drilled into various assessments. Everything putting on the body, everything that they inhale and everything they actually ingest that would go through the blood stream. There is risk to use any new things. If there is any positive result towards those tests, the blame lies with them that they are always told to be very careful.

Competing against the best of the world and trying to be the best in the world, Bryan is always trying to be the number one spot over the 7 billion people. We can imagine the stress putting on him is incredible. He is always in very intense training. He gets trained 7 hours a day, 6 days a week. With that type of training, you can also imagine the ache, pain and injuries that he faces.

Bryan started the change until the day he was having problems in lifting in his weight room. One day when he was in his intense training that he felt like something pinched on his back, he took some pain-killers as usual but the pain was bothering him a lot for a long time. After some arguments with his wife and finally he allowed her to put the oils on him in hope for easing the pain. That was the (1) Pain-killing blend, (2) Idaho balsam fir and (3) Copaiba. She put those on his back and only put one drop, “miracle” happened to him. He laid down for 5 minutes on a heat pad and then stood up. He twisted his back very slowly and his back felt better. That is a new start for him.

He starts his routine in using essential oils to support his body all day long. He uses everything and gets rid of toxic products. The essential oil allows him not using pain-killers even he has a lot of body pain. He is taking some natural products for supporting his hormone and it helps a lot with his migraine. Ever since that day, he becomes a believer and user.

Other than using essential oils for killing the pain, he has a daily routine with Wolfberry Juice that his whole family starts the day with a shot of this super antioxidant juice. He stays away from pain-killers that he believes this is no good to support his ache problems with these non-natural things. There is no doubt that processed food contains a lot of chemical and toxins that our body does not require, and it also affects our hormone and is especially harmful to kids. A small step will take a difference in your life, similarly a small quantity of toxins will also pile up and store in your body. Let’s start our natural and healthy way of living like this Olympic gold medalist does.

Source: Samantha Lee Wright

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