BHBL enewsletter 2022.03 — Reset Your Mindset – Master Your Mood (電子月刊英文版)

Reset Your Mindset – Master Your Mood

Everyday pressure can come from any part of your life—work, relationships, errands, school. This means that people from every walk of life look to better understand how to be happy and how to handle daily ups and downs. Naturally, The Oil Company believes that essential oils are part of the solution! We love to use empowering essential oils and calming techniques to find harmony in the many situations adults and children face every day. Find your best strategy with help from our favorite oils and tricks!

Some of our easiest usage tips for topical and aromatic oils include:

  • Gently rubbing oil between your hands and taking deep breaths while cupping your hands close to your nose.
  • Applying oil to the nape of your neck or to pulse points, such as your wrists or temples.
  • Diffusing oil in your space, whether at home, in the office, or in the car.
  • Placing a few drops on a tissue or cloth and using for inhalation.

Feeling irritable?

Hit every red light on your morning commute? Find a passive-aggressive email in your inbox? Some days it feels like nothing is going right, and other days you simply wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Whatever the source of your frustration, take a minute to refocus and realign with these ideas.

You deserve Peace & Calming

Whether you want to create a more inviting home, implement a restful bedtime routine, or just find a way to live in the moment, an oil blend can help you to get there! This blend of Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy is distinctive and sophisticated, while still subtle enough that it won’t overwhelm the senses.

•     Use as perfume on the wrists and neck as desired to create the right sensory affect.

•     Add some drops to unscented lotion until you find the perfect custom blend.

•     Work, parenting, and time can be so hard on your skin. This blend includes Orange and Blue Tansy essential oils, which help reduce the appearance of blemishes and moisturize your skin, especially when added to a face lotion. Add a drop to your face lotion at night before you go to bed to give your skin care (and bedtime!) routine a boost.

•     Make a skin spray with 2 ounces of water and 10 drops to use whenever you want to refresh tired skin.

•     Rub some on the bottoms of kids’ feet and lead them through some simple stretches or basic yoga poses. Practicing rituals and teaching children specific processes for how to calm down can help them to regulate their own emotions and energy.

•     A hot essential oil-infused bath. Add 5 drops of this blend and 5 drops of Copaiba essential oil to ½ cup of Epsom salt then add to the bath for a relaxing soak. Self-care is crucial, and taking some time for yourself to soak and let the stressful feelings roll off can make all the difference on a difficult day.

•     Simply apply a drop directly to your chest and close your eyes. Take some slow breaths and ground yourself. If you begin to feel distracted, focus on the scent to help yourself stay present.

•     Diffusing this blend helps eliminate unpleasant odors and leaves your house feeling more like a home—a place where you and your family will want to spend time together.

•     Use a combination this blend and base oil or coconut oil to give yourself a foot and hand massage. Take deep, rhythmic breaths to prepare for rest and relaxation.

Commonly used favorite oils for better mood:

An oil blend that deals with stress: Unwind with this relaxing and comforting aroma.

Tangerine or Grapefruit: Uplift your day with a bright, cheery aroma.

An oil blend that gives a feeling of grounding: Diffuse this scent to enhance spirituality or encourage feelings of clarity. This oil blend is a unique combination of White Fir, Black Spruce, Ylang Ylang, Pine, and other essential oils.

An oil blend that brings joy: Bring joy to your heart with this happy blend, capturing gratitude and grace.

Use your favorite essential oil usage technique and try one of the suggestions below:

  • Give yourself a 10-minute “time out” to wind down and refocus.
  • Call a close friend or family member and talk it out.
  • Take care of your basic needs. A quick nap or snack can do wonders when it comes to moodiness from lack of sleep or food.
  • Get away for a minute with a book break, nature walk, or dance session with your favorite jam.
  • Practice a positive affirmation: I am loving and forgiving.

Being proactive about your feelings can help you take control. Master your mood!

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