BHBL enewsletter 2023.02 — Reasons not to buy drugstore essential oils (電子月刊英文版)

Reasons not to buy drugstore essential oils

After reading the enewsletter of previous month about the grades of essential oils, will you still buy essential oils on the market without thinking? While we all love a good deal, we can agree that there are a few things on which we should never compromise quality. You know, things like toilet paper, mattresses, car tires, or acupuncture.

Another item to add to that list? Essential oils. Why settle for second best when pure essential oils are readily available, just waiting for you to try? Trust us on this one.

Not all essential oils are created equal

We’ve all seen those amber oil bottles at our local health food stores. The packaging may be aesthetically pleasing, but be sure you know what’s inside the charming little bottles before you add them into your wellness routine.

Always opt for pure essential oils instead of essential oils diluted with carrier oils and other hard-to-pronounce ingredients.

Before you even think about buying drugstore essential oils or buying via online shopping, there are some questions you need to ask yourself. Check out the three most important questions below—the answers are crucial to finding the best essential oils out there.

(1)    What is the company’s commitment to quality?

While some drugstore essential oils are fragrance oils diluted with carriers and additives, some drugstore options may be 100 percent essential oils. That’s a step in the right direction.

But how deep does dedication to quality run in the company’s roots? To ensure your oils are pure from start to finish, it is important to investigate a brand’s sources and processes.

(2)    Where do the essential oils come from?

In today’s world, sustainability matters. A key to the integrity of the oils we all love is where the botanicals are grown and distilled. Choose an essential oil company that values responsible production practices and processing at all stages in the supply chain, from farm to final packaging.

In a company, essential oils are sourced from its corporate-owned farms, partner farms, and material suppliers. By using these reputable sources, it can confidently make the promises that it does. Will you choose to buy from this company?

(3)    How are the essential oils tested?

While testing doesn’t change the quality of essential oils, it’s how the company can confidently make the quality claims it does. A good company does not compromise on stringent in-house quality testing and neither should you! Third-party testing also ensures that unbiased, trained scientists are putting their stamp of approval on the oils.

Essential oils in a company are tested 15–30 times before they make it to your home. The labs and third-party testers guarantee that its product quality is unyielding. Will you choose to buy these essential oils?

Where to buy essential oils

Now that we’ve given you the lowdown on which essential oils are worth your time, think twice on where to buy the highest-quality essential oils on the market. You will buy the best quality food for your family to enjoy. In fact, essential oils will also be absorbed into the body. Whether it is diffused or applied topically, the body will also absorb essential oils. Same principle, quality is very important.

Where to know more about essential oils

Better Health Better Life members are always abundant with health information and education. Recently there is a series of essential oil information presented by Cole Woolley, PhD. He is a well-known analytical chemist who has tested the quality of most essential oils from different companies. He has also spent considerable time around the world with growers and distillers of essential oils. Information like on dos and don’ts in buying fragranced products, the extraction of essential oils, aroma changes of different essential oils, etc. is now available on our Facebook page. Let’s learn from those essential oil researches by his simplified terms!

Facebook page: Better Health Better Life EDUCATION (BHBL members only)

(Please link to the group’s “Guide (12) ” or enterCole Woolley” in the search function.)

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