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本人本業乃是香港專科醫護服務營運總監,推廣最新醫療給國內同胞;也是 Better Chinese 香港(亞洲)總代理。近年因買了 11 支頂級精油而發展了香港第一個法糸精油課程及頂級精油代理業務。

I am the COO of the Hong Kong Specialist Services, promoting the latest medical care services to the people in China; I am also the exclusive distributor of Better Chinese Hong Kong (Asia). Years ago upon purchase of 11 top-graded essential oils, I have also established the first French Aromatherapy course and ran an essential oil business in Hong Kong/Macau.


Medical related

  • Master of Health Management, The University of New England 新英倫大學健康管理碩士
  • BA Microbiology, The University of Texas at Austin 美國德州大學微生物學學士
  • BS Medical Technology course, The University of Texas at Austin 德州大學醫務化驗學士課程
  • Advanced Diploma in Nutrition, The University of Hong Kong SPACE 香港大學校外課程營養學高級文憑
  • Certificate of the first commencement of “Hong Kong Medical Sector China Trend Studies”, Guangdong National School of Administration 廣東省國家行政學院第一屆「香港醫學界國情班」結業證書
  • Registered Medical Technologist, Hong Kong 香港註冊醫務化驗師
  • Honorary Consultant (Medical Services), HK Specialist Foundation 香港專科醫護基金義務醫療顧問
  • Medical Communications Consultant 醫療傳訊顧問
  • Founder of Better Health Better Life 創辦人
  • Former General Manager of a Medical Communications Agency 前醫療傳訊公總經理
  • Former Research Assistant, Department of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong 前香港大學內科研究員

出版文獻 Published research

Atherosclerosis. 2001 Jul;157(1):233-9

Atherosclerosis. 1999 Aug;145(2):273-8

教育有關 Education related

  • CT ABRSM 英國皇家音樂學院委員會教學文憑
  • 英國音樂教育網站選為「Celebrity Teacher」
  • Better Chinese 港澳(亞洲)總代理
  • Former Chairlady, PTA 前家長教師會主席
  • Former registered School Principal, HKSAR 香港特別行政區教育局(前)註冊校長

精油方面 Aromatherapy

  • Author of the first Aromatherapy book in HK「精油身心靈」一書作者
  • Founder of BHBL Aromatherapy course and lecturer 「BHBL 精油證書課程」創辦人及講師
  • Chair, Education Committee, YLHK 精油領導品牌第一屆教育委員會主席
  • Speaker in the first National Tour, YL Taiwan 精油領導品牌第一次「台灣環島演講」講師
  • Speaker in the first BOM, YLHK 精油領導品牌香港區第一次 BOM 主講嘉賓

傳播媒體 Social Media

  • Host of MumPreneur 「創業 + 媽咪」Podcast 主持
  • Health Column Writer, MetroPop (HKMTR official magazine) 前港鐵雜誌「MetroPop」健康專欄作者

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